zola turn

Zola Turn was a rock band from Burlington Vermont formed in the mid-1990s and performing through 2001. The band made some changes in lineup and style in the following years, most recently performing as The Lavas. Lead singer/guitarist Alice Austin and sister bassist/vocalist Julia Austin continue to perform in the Boston area and elsewhere. I've taken many pictures at their shows over these years and will post them here.
Alice and Julia

18 Sept 2008
Cambridge, MA
The Lavas

12 Jun 2007
Cambridge, MA

9 May 2006
Cambridge, MA
Queen Tangerine

6 Mar 2002
Cambridge, MA

24 Apr 2002
Cambridge, MA

26 May 2002
Cambridge, MA
Zola Turn

27 Jun 2001
Somerville, MA

7 Mar 2001
Cambridge, MA

30 Sept 2000
Jeffersonville, VT

23 Aug 2000
Somerville, MA

22 Jun 2000
Jamaica Plain, MA

17 March 2000
Hudson, NH